Welcome to West Park

Here, centrally located in Allentown, exists an outstanding park, designed as an arboretum, which contains 78 varieties of trees and more than 300 varieties of shrubs. Thanks to the vision of the late General Harry C. Trexler, and those in our park system who continue to follow his wishes, this park remains an excellent place to enjoy the variety of nature, the calm of a summer day, or the constant parade of seasonal colors.

Today, the majestic tress that line the walkways of west park are its main attraction. It is sad that so few of us know to call a tree by its name. The many types of tress in the park have been labeled, and other characteristics. There are the common tress such as eight varieties of oak and three kinds of of birch. Among the exotic trees are the Japanese Ginkgo, the Kentucky Coffee, and the Chinese Cork.

Beginning in the spring of 2007 you will see new plantings in the park. The garden designs for the fountain garden and for the four circular gardens along the walkway were designed by Scott Rothenberger of Joanne Kostecky Garden Design. The designs for these gardens can be seen below . The fountain garden was planted in the fall of 2006 and the rest is a sneak preview of what is to come.

The neighbors of West Park, as well as, visitors to the park and the city at large are all beneficiaries of the time and talent volunteered by Scott and Garden Design