Welcome to our beautiful, historic neighborhood.

The West Park Civic Association (WPCA) exists to preserve, protect, enhance and promote West Park and its surrounding neighborhood area.
WPCA advocates prevention of park and neighborhood blight and deterioration, enforcement of laws and ordinances within the area and park and neighborhood safety and beautification. 
WPCA encourages harmonious human relations among residents of the West Park neighborhood.


Neighborhood Street Tree Planting

November 5

Working can be fun!

Working can be fun!

The end of a job well done.

The end of a job well done.



Learning to plant.

Learning to plant.


PA Council for the Arts Grant

   Wednesday, October 19,  The Lehigh Valley Arts Council presented WPCA with a Project Stream Grant funded by the Pennsylvania Council for the Arts.  The grant will be used for a cultural renaissance program offering Dance workshops, live music and plein air painting in West Park the summer of 2017. 
The event took place at the Facility of Smooth-On, Inc. in Macungie, a manufacturer of rubbers, plastics, and foams used in the creation of 3-D props and sets for movies.   







Monthly Calendar


By creating a neighborhood where all members of the community can mix naturally and get to know one another as human beings, communities can become communities in the true meaning of the word – places where people not only live together, but care about one another, and share common hopes for themselves and their children!  The West Park Civic Association seeks to organize events that provide opportunities for residents and non-residents alike to enjoy our diverse and culturally rich neighborhood!



Living it up in West Park


Here, centrally located in Allentown, exists an outstanding park, designed as an arboretum, which contains 78 varieties of trees and more than 300 varieties of shrubs. Thanks to the vision of the late General Harry C. Trexler, and those in our park system who continue to follow his wishes, this park remains an excellent place to enjoy the variety of nature, the calm of a summer day, or the constant parade of seasonal colors



August & September Band Concerts


Sunday, July 31, 7:30, Allentown Band

Sunday, Sugust 7, 7:30, Marine Band

Saturday, August 13, 6:30 Pioneer Band (Dinner & a Movie)

Sunday, August 14, 7:20, Allentown Band

Friday, August 19, 8:00, Danny V's 52nd Street Band

Saturday, August 20, 7:30, Allentown Band

Sunday, August 21, 7:30, Municipal Band

Saturday, September 10, 7:30 Dave Neith Orchestry

Sundday, September 11, 7:30, Allentown Band

Friday, September 16, 7:30, Allentown Band

Sunday, September 18, 7:30, Marine Band